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Debunkers Hiatus / Patreon Pause

Debunkers Hiatus / Patreon Pause published on

Things are going pretty slow right now, art-wise. The only time I can work on art without constant interruptions is late at night, when I should be sleeping. Ever since my kids got out of school for summer, I’ve been choosing art over sleep half the time. It’s having a pretty bad effect on my creative drive, making me feel like my usual comics are a tedious chore that requires more focus than I can give.

I do not want to suffer total artistic burnout. I do not want to grow bitter towards my work. So here’s my plan.

Debunkers will go on hiatus until my kids are back in school. Therefore, updates will resume in early September. In the meantime, I will be trying some new things: painting with acrylics, and making hats! I’ll be posting photos, so you won’t go completely without updates from me for the month of August.

I am pausing Patreon billing for a month. Partially because it wouldn’t be fair to you to be paying while I’m not updating much. Partially because I don’t think I can handle adding any additional sketches to my to-do list.